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Secret documents from the chemical industry reveal how the health and safety of Americans may have been jeopardized --- scheduled times on Channel 4 Chapel Hill

GWS NEWS RELEASE June 26, 1999

Chemical Wastes, Children's Health, and the Superfund

MCS Video Explains How Chemicals can affect your health.
Defining MultipleChemical Sensitivity Edited by Bonnie Mathews
Other Groups
Lawsuit Challenging FDA Policy On Genetically engineered foods
US Medical Personnel Injured by Glutaraldehyde
New Zealand   New Zealand   New Zealand GLUTARALDEHYDE AND OTHER 
Lousiville Ky. Hospital accommodates Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
NC Chem Net Survey Results 


Recognition of MCS Social Security Disability
Cotton/Charcoal Mask with Photo and where to order.
What's Happening ---In North Carolina
North Carolina Counties - Issues - Problems - Support Groups
Politics   North Carolina Senator Edwards/
Assault on Florida -- not Just Florida but America with Pesticides
Many Illnesses Suspected for People in Chlordane Pesticide Treated Homes
Gulf War Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - 
Our solders are back home with a new battle to fight.
Let's stop wasting our time TOXIC DECEPTION-Part 1 Rachel's WEEKLY #553 July 3, 1997
Let's stop wasting our time TOXIC DECEPTION-Part 2 Rachel's WEEKLY #554
Cigarette Science/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Rachel's Weekly #464---October 19, 1995
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
New Book Defining MultipleChemical Sensitivity Edited by Bonnie Mathews
Review mcs A Review by Phillippa Martin
Draft Report of Federal InteragencyWorkgroup on MCS
Latex_Allergy an alert from NIOSH
A disorder triggered by exposures to chemicals in the environment.
Tweetie was protected Why compare MCS with Canaries
What's in a Name a comparison between MCS, CFIDS, GWS, and FMS
A look at hopes for a choice in Medical Care.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/MCS GWS
NMH (neurally mediated hypotension)
Dr. Streeten first submitted a paper to the New England Journal of Medicine, but it was 
returned to him with a cryptic note saying they did not publish in this area. The NEJM 
has never published on CFIDS! It is one of the most highly respected medical journals in 
the world. The refusal speaks volumes of their own belief in CFIDS!
The acute neurotoxic effects of organic solvent exposure in workers and laboratory 
animals are narcosis, anesthesia, central nervous system (CNS)depression, respiratory
 arrest, unconsciousness, and death.
Americans With Disabilities ADA
Disabled - What Now Social Security Disability, NC Workers Compensation
Accommodating The Allergic Employee In The WORKPLACE
and the Duke University Medical Center may have made a major breakthrough
Doctor of Osteopathy, DO -- Medical Doctor M.D. -- Is there a difference
Workers Compensation
(((LINK))) NC Industrial Commission Home Page-
Environmental Issues
North Carolina Legislature
NC Job Safety NIOSH: North Carolina Profile
Navigating the Insurance business
North Carolina TV&Newspaper news stories
TDI and other isocyanates among residents and Trinity American Corp. (TAC)
Peopleof the Neuse"WRAL-TV 5, Raleigh, NC again showed excellence 
in Journalism in their WRAL-TV Investigates Sick Building - 
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Network TV
e-mail More on MCS, Junk Science
"When you make your living as an ostensible muckraker, you better be careful where you step 
-- as John Stossel learned to his cost".
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US Population (1999) 272,639,608
NC Population ( 7/1/98 ) 7,546,493

If 10% of NC's population are sensitive to chemicals the number would be 754,000 persons in NC

If only 1% of NC's population are sensitive to chemicals the number is 75,400
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