Ralph Nader Ralph Nader, U.S Consumer rights Activist, Testified to U.S. Senate Subcommittee May 19, 1974:

For Almost Seventy years the insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull.

If you're not diagnosed, you will not receive Medical Treatment, If you aren't treated, your health care plan won't have to pay, Health insurers can save the maximum amount of money by refusing access to specialists and hospital care. It's that simple.

With a work related illness like Tight Building Syndrome or Multiple Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, you are to report your illness to the insurance person at work who quickly calls the Workers Compensation insurance company.

Then you may even have to wait a day or two to see the Company Doctor. The Company Doctor is paid to save the company money if possible. With a chemically induced illness the Company Doctor quickly labels your illness with some other name and if you ask to see another doctor your request will be denied.

You have a right to ask the NC Industrial Commission for permission to see a specialist and (by the experience of many) the request will be denied. That's the way it works in North Carolina.

Without a diagnosis you will not find an attorney. Your name may be flagged by the employer and the Medical Insurance Company. If your symptoms are serious your employer may choose to send you home and allow you to draw Temporary disability. Temporary disability is better than to allow you to get a diagnosis or get compensation under Workers Compensation. If you see a specialist with knowledge about SBS or MCS, your diagnosis and treatment will not be paid.

Navigating the Health Care Market Stores.

Health care can be called many things, but increasingly it is becoming Check your Insurance policy. Chances are if your employer is self insured, you have a Medical Benefits Plan (Contract) and not an Insurance Policy. Your Insurance Company may have in the contract the right to refuse any medical treatment.

The Plan Sponsor has the discretionary authority to determine eligibility for benefits and to construe the terms of the plan.

(This statement in your Medical Benefits Plan in fact means that your employer may refuse to pay for any medical expenses they choose. )

If your claim for benefits under the plan is denied in whole or part, you must receive a written explanation of the reason for the denial. You have the right to have the plan review and reconsider your claim.

If you go to a "so called" specialists at a teaching hospital in North Carolina, doctors may spend your Insurance Money to prove that you do not have MCS. After spending 10 to 20 thousand dollars of Your Insurance Money, they send you home with no diagnosis. Your employer and your Insurance Plan is now frustrated with you. You may even be fired. That's the way it works in North Carolina.

Where do you go if you realize that your Illness is a reaction to chemicals in your daily environment, at home or at work.

The Association of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinics have a lists of their clinics available on the WWW. Each clinic includes a list of their specialties. 37 out of the 52 clinics list Sick Building Syndrome or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as an illness that they evaluate or diagnose.

There is an Occupational and Environmental Medicine clinic at Duke Medical Center. However, they have not included Sick Building Syndrome or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as one of their diagnosis or treatments.

((This Page Is Not Finished)) --((We advise at this point that you talk to others that have attempted to get a diagnosis for a chemically induced illness at Duke))

Remember, No Diagnosis, No Treatment, Less Expense to the Insurance or Workers Compensation Carrier.

Go Online --- Read for your selves what Doctors of AOEM really have to say about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. You must choose carefully the Doctors that Recognize MCS and have real experience. There are Good AOEM Doctors that will treat you as their patient and not as a "Controversial Subject". But you must be very careful when choosing any Doctor.

Remember you will most likely have to pay out of your own pocket for diagnosis and treatment.

This is North Carolina.

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