Junk Science
Junk Journalism
Or Tabloid News
by Earle Phillips, NC Chem Member, former Radio News and Publisher.
(Proud of Broadcast News as it used to be)

I have never written a news story that I could not use as a Sunday School Teacher or Lay Speaker in my Methodist Church

ABC Out did themselves with their program on Junk Science

It is an outstanding example of Junk Journalism. This is the kind of news you would expect to find in the Tabloids near the check out counter in the grocery stores.

This is 1997.  Realization that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an Illness is a becoming more obvious every day. Recognition of what is now called MCS actually started in 1951 by Chicago physician Theron Randolph.  That Was 46 years ago.

Controversial, yes. But more and more MCS, by whatever name is a real. And anyone with MCS will tell you that TV programs such as Junk Science makes a horrible illness even harder to deal with.

More than 100,000 have been diagnosed with this illness.  Office buildings have been closed in England and the United States, even here in North Carolina.

Clinics have been setup in Red China, Australia, England and Canada. MCS was an Illness in Communist East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down.Communist German Scientific papers were translated from German and printed in English in 1993. Russian Doctors attend Workshops in the United States on Environmental Induced Illness.

The So Called experts used in the ABC Junk Science feature were in fact employed by Industry that will stand to benefit in Medical and Workers Compensation Insurance savings. In addition these Industrial Giants will continue Lax standards in work safety. 

No one would believe a program promoting health safety or benefits from Smoking Cigarettes.  Experts from Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds and other Tobacco Manufacturing companies would be used in such a program.  If believed, everyone would be going out the next day and buying Cigarettes for their health benefits. Tobacco experts have already testified in front of Congress that Nicotine is not addictive.

Look at the Facts, Look at the Experts.

I can understand how Mr. Stossel could have been mislead by anyone. But Mr. Stossel is said to have had facts that he did not bother to use and in some cases ignored.

According to FAIR, two producers on Stossel's specials quit because, they say, he refused to accept information counter to his thesis about government regulation. By MARK SCHAPIRO used with permission.

NCchemNet is grateful to abc for the Prime Time20/20 report on the Caldwell Incinerator Story. In the Caldwell Incident as many as 60 workers and neighbors were sick or injured. TWO are now dead. How Would John Stossel Explain a mothers death to the children.

However, We are appalled at their complete disregard of information that was available to John Stossel and not used on the "Junk Science" story. As a former Newsman - (radio and paper) - I have completely lost my respect for ABC news.

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