The Controversy is so real it hard to believe that Medical Doctors cannot resolve their differences when patients are sick.  We provide links to the following organizations for you to download and read information and make your own decisions about your medical care.

Organizations in
Blue are
"Environmental Medicine" (Clinical Ecologists),  Organizations in Red are "Occupational and "Environmental Clinics"

There is no need to pretend that these two organizations are in agreement.  37 out of 52 AOEM Clinics in the US and Canada "Evaluate or Diagnose" MCS and/or Sick Building Syndrome 17 may not. .  Environmental Medicine was in fact organized because they recognized "Environmental Illness (MCS)" 

Sauna Treatment programs are said to help remove chemicals stored in fatty (lipid) tissues,  5 are operated in Environmental Medicine Clinics.  We understand one major teaching hospital may be experimenting with the Sauna Detoxification treatment.

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- Environmental Health Center-Dallas
Double Blind Booth Challenge Test  Sauna treatment
- Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine,
Charleston, S.C.
Sauna Treatment

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

- Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics
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