chipped toothAre you dissatisfied with your pearly whites like many others who are suffering from chipped teeth? Do you usually find yourself unable to smile because you get embarrassed? It is actually quite easy to back the smile on your face because there are many treatments that can be done by dentists. Most of these can be done the instant you walk into a clinic while some would take some of your time but they would certainly we worth the trouble. So know how dentist fixes chipped teeth.

The first thing dentists do is to check the chipped teeth .The dentist would most likely perform a series of tests including X-rays in order to gauge the extent of the chipping. Sometimes, it would not be serious and would only require a simple procedure but there are also cases when the teeth around it are also affected. One of the clear indications of this is when the tooth hurts.

For chipped teeth whose damages are not very serious, a dentist apex nc can reshape the tooth to fix the damage. Unfortunately, this is just viable for surface or enamel damage only. The fracture will be buffed to make it look as it would have if it is not damaged. The treatment is fast and easy and can be done in one visit. Unfortunately, this treatment is not for those who have chipped the part beneath their tooth because bacteria can still cause infection. When this is the type of chip, the dentist would use other treatments.

If the chipping occurred fairly recently, keep the chipped part and soak it in a milk solution or salty water. This will help if plan to have it bonded to the chipped teeth. Bonding is akin to tooth reshaping but the difference is that the fractured piece is returned to the damaged teeth. A bonding agent is applied in order to merge the parts. If there is no the fractured piece, the dentist would most likely bond a filling that has the same color as the other teeth so that it wouldn’t look artificial.

If the chip exposes the possibility of injuring the nerves, the dentist can do two things. He can either place veneers or if it is serious, crowns in the affected teeth. Veneer is a coating that is placed on top of chipped teeth. It is made from very thin porcelain laminates and it looks natural that is why it is usually preferred by most people. Crowns, on the other hand, are used for those that have been treated for tooth decay or those that have badly damaged teeth. It is a cap that serves to protect the tooth from further damage as well as a safeguard it from bacteria.

The moment the chipped teeth is treated, always it’s advisable to take good care of the teeth. It will help ensure that the other teeth would not be damaged too. See the dentist once in a while and make sure to get and consume food that contains calcium.