EI/MCS and alternative health care in KY

SENATE BILL ONE FORTY-FIVE IS STILL ALIVE! ( Is you health care a bridge and a block to far?) For those of you who haven’t contacted your local representatives and desire to do so, there is still time! With everyone working to get this bill passed, it could go through as quickly as 1998.

But it won’t unless there is active support. For some of us 1998 may be to late. For others, it’s a long wait in order to receive alternative health care in the state of KY. If passed, this bill could help provide health care to those of us who are to ill to travel out of state for alternative treatment.

Those of us who need alternative health care now, are forced to go out of state in order to obtain it. For many it is either to far or the trip itself presents a threat to our health. Therefore alternative health care often remains quite literally for some, a Bridge to far. Senate Bill 145 could “bridge the gap,” the health care gap. For more information contact the KY Patients Rights Advocacy Group. Ask for Nellie Peters at 961-0970

Allternitive Medicine. WHAT SHOULD YOU REALLY KNOW? by: Ralph G. Ellis, Jr., M.D. -Former heart Anesthesiologist & heart patient.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States today, responsible for more than 1 million deaths per year. But heart disease can be prevented and even reversed-without the use of harmful drugs or invasive surgery.

Heart and arterial bypass surgery for disease of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) are the most overused and abused medical treatments available today. It can kill you or leave you maimed. You can suffer a stroke, a heart attack, and it can cause many subtle mental changes.

It doesn’t address the primary cause-arteriosclerosis, which is generalized- it may manifest itself first in the heart, the brain, the kidney, the aorta, arteries everywhere and even those to the penis! Why bypass one site and ignore the problem elsewhere? Such surgery consumes millions of health care dollars and is usually not necessary.

One hospital in a nearby large city did more than 18,00 heart bypasses in 1995, according to a newspaper report. Multiply that by $50,000 to $60,000 per patient and you can see what the impact really is.

Where these patients offered an alternative? The Kentucky Patients Rights Advocacy Group (PRAG Inc- tried to get a Health Freedom Bill though the last session of the Kentucky Legislature (Senate Bill 145). In spite of 3,000 patients signatures, we were not even successful in getting the bill out of committee! This was probably due to the strenuous opposition of the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) and the lack of knowledge of the senators on the Health and Welfare Committee.

A number of states have passed such a bill. Alternative Medicine/Complimentary Medicine utilizing life style evaluation, diet, dietary supplements, exercise, chelation and sometimes oxidative therapy, addresses problems everywhere in the body.

It does not kill or maim patients. It is much, much cheaper. But you can’t get it in Kentucky!

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (KBML), with the concurrence of the KMA has targeted either directly or by subterfuge, all alternative medicine physicians who do chelation and oxidative medicine in Kentucky to cease and desist.

Not only that, they have made some sign consent decrees not to even talk about or refer patients to doctors so practicing in other states. This is against the first amendment of the United States Constitution-the right of free speech!

Don’t ask your physician about Alternative Medicine or chelation- he most likely doesn’t know! -it is not taught in medical school. IF you read much you probably know more about it than he does. If he says it is quackery and doesn’t work, he is simply uninformed. He will say this therapy has not been proven by double-blind studies. Neither have coronary bypasses!

Who in their right mind would withold treatment for half the patients with so serious a disease? The new Gold Standard of efficiency of treatment for any disease will be Patient OUTCOME Statistics! And Alternative medicine and chelation therapy will finally show what works, and at no patient risk and much less cost!

WAKE UP insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid!

The CASS (Coronary Artery Surgery Study) and Veteran Administration studies of thousands of patients showed essentially no difference in the mortality of coronary artery disease (C.A.D.) patients treated with bypass and those treated medically-and theses were done before modern alternative medicine treatments and without chelation. Misinformation about whether chelation has been proven often stems from the erroneous assumption that ignorance of proof means proof doesn’t exist. In one study of more than 22,000 patients, eighty seven percent (87%) demonstrated objective improvement.

In a recent article in the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association it was stated that arterial grafting in the groin was the only alternative to amputation in patients suffering from occlusive vascular disease.

In one study 58 out of 65 patients referred for coronary bypass and 24 out of 27 patients scheduled for amputation of legs because of vascular insufficiency, no longer needed surgery after opting to have chelation! The position of the KBML seems to be that only traditional (standard of care) medical treatments be allowed in Kentucky.

Chelation therapy has been around for four decades! Oxidative medicines certainly not new- the intravenous infusion of hydrogen peroxide was the first reported by Dr. T.H. Oliver in the British Medical Journal Lancet in 1920. It has shown remarkable results in certain diseases. Physicians using these therapies need to be so trained and if strict protocols are followed are perfectly safe and effective.

While the actions of the KBLM are a matter of public record they are not widely appreciated by the people of Kentucky. These actions are known nationally and have put this great state in disrepute.

The Internet called this the practice of Medical McCartheism in Kentucky.

I attended the Spring meeting of ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) in Orlando, FL on “Cardiovascular Disease and Treatment- A Comprehensive Perspective.” This followed a two day seminar on chelation therapy. There were 450 physicians from around the world in attendance and the meeting was informative and exciting.

ACAM is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians and awarded me 17 credit hours in Category 1 of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.

But one cannot practice it in Kentucky because, according to the KMA, it departs for the standards of acceptable and prevailing medical practice.


I challenge the Kentucky Board of Medical Examiners to allow me to open up Genesis of Kentucky Health Research Institute in Bardstown, KY for the purpose of treating and evaluating Alternative Medicine techniques, including, but not limited to the use of Life style change evaluation, diet, dietary supplements, exercise, Chelation and Oxidative Medicine.

So far I have said nothing about Oxidative Medicine. Dilute hydrogen peroxide given intravenously has shown remarkable ability to kill viruses and can make the treatment of acute flu and even shingles (caught early) a one day affair. It is also useful in treating rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases and many others. I am willing to collaborate with either of Kentucky’s medical schools or any hospital.

I further challenge the Kentucky Board of Medical Examiners to remove the sanctions against all the physicians who practiced Alternative Medicine in Kentucky, to right a severe injustice done to them and to restore their right to practice as they have, at no little expense, been trained. And furthermore to restore the right of free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Failing this I ask the Governor to intercede in this matter. There is a precedent for this set by former governor of Indiana, Robert Orr. He stated in reversing the Indiana Medical Licensure Board, “I believe in the right of informed patient choice of treatment until the merits or failure of (chelation) therapy for such purposes are conclusively proven.”

I appeal to all Kentuckians to come forward and support this effort to establish Health Freedom in Kentucky! I call especially upon non-surigical academicians and medical colleagues to speak out. Call your legislators, write letters, speak to groups- HELP! Your heart may depend on it and your children and grandchildren will thank you. Contributions may be sent to PRAG, INC,. c/o Nellie Peters 6200 Applegate Lane Louisville, KY 40219.