Hi, I'm Earle Phillips

Founder of  the North Carolina Chemical Injury Network. At this time this an organizational effort in progress. We have members from across the state with many different kinds of chemical and environmental injuries.

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Many times I've heard the expression "Take it one day at a time". My efforts started with just having a need for something that I could write notes and letters. With some fingers in my left hand numb -- I made a lot of mistakes and needed something to correct my typing errors.

My son Gary was very patient showing me the little things about using a computer as a word processor. Christmas, 1996 he upgraded my computer as a Christmas present and soon started showing me how to create a Web Page. (One page at a time)

I paid $3.00 a month for a web site and NCCIN was on the internet. I don't think of this as History but just a beginning. We now have a list server and a chat site set up just for the NC Chem Net Members. We don't have to be alone. Chemically Injured have just as much need for support as a person with any other illness or injury. We have a way to meet with other members even if they may live hundreds of miles away.

The Illness caused by Chemicals in the home, environment and the workplace are in fact making people sick and we should have a right to "Appropriate Health Care".

It is my sincere hope that you can find information that may give you a better understanding of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and many of the health problems you experience because of exposure to chemicals. Remember, "You are Not Alone"

Earle Phillips
North Carolina Chemical Injury Network
6442 Hwy 42
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207
Home Page: http://ncchem.com