Bone and joint surgeons are very much in demand these days. This is because of the nature of injuries or medical conditions that people are constantly sustaining. Bone and joint problems are undoubtedly on the rise as an aging population struggles to maintain its lifestyle against the odds of physical limitations. In this age group, the most common reasons for going to bone and joint surgeons could be fractures, dislocations and sprains. Let’s start now with fractures.

Fractures may be open or closed. Generally, patients experience pain, tenderness, swelling, deformity, grating of bones and immobility. All fractures must be handled by bone and joint surgeons only since mobility or careless handling can lead to compression or even rupture of a blood vessel or a nerve at the site of fracture. This can cause a lot of problems and it is recommended to opt for a certified and well-experienced surgeons who can solve your problem without any bigger consequences.

elbowdislocationDislocations too are a major cause for approaching bone and joint surgeons. In these cases, certain movements or injuries can lead to a separation of bone joints. When this happens, the bones must be brought back into alignment as soon as possible. Dislocation is a very painful condition and is accompanied by swelling, tenderness, discoloration and deformity of the dislocated joint. Patients may approach a doctor for setting the joint. In case of recurring incidents of dislocation, patients may approach bone and joint surgeons to fix the joints together more tightly. This will reduce or stop incidents of dislocation and thus help patients enjoy normal activities that are otherwise prohibited.

Sport Injuries
Another overriding cause of the demand for bone and joint surgeons these days is the prevalence of sports injuries. More and more people are jumping into the bandwagon of recreational sports. As the number of weekend athletes increases, so does the demand for bone and joint surgeons. The pounding, twisting, tearing, strain and stress endured by bones and joints in the course of these activities in addition to the strain they take during normal activities lead to injuries that invariably require medical intervention.


Stress and the danger of degenerative diseases
pain-points-smallerIt is common for most of us to mistake sports injuries for the normal stress and strain caused by a broken bone, a dislocation or a sprain. However, there are many injuries that have a more insidious nature. These remain hidden for long periods of time and the true extent of their damage reveals itself slowly. These are a result of daily exercises and repeated stress and can lead to degenerative diseases and a lifetime of pain, if left untreated. The wearing away or tearing of cartilage is an excellent example.

A number of physical conditions also lead to the demand for bone and joint surgeons. Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis cause a lot of pain. They can also seriously limit the lifestyle of patients. Such patients approach bone and joint surgeons in order to achieve permanent freedom from pain, immobility and inflexibility.