a-stethoscope-guideThe stethoscope is an important tool for all doctor. Most of us can’t imagine a doctor without one of those. It is a device which is helping doctors to hear internal sounds of patient body. First stethoscope was made in France over 200 years ago. Before that doctor would have to lay down his head on your chest so that can hear internal sounds of your body.

According to Stethoscopes.Ninja, the stethoscope with two earbuds that was used back in the day is quite popular today. A typical stethoscope has two earbuds, and then there is transmitting tube that transmits sounds from patient body from bell and diaphragm. Earbuds are designed and made so that they have a certain angle. You can’t use them anyway you want. You can use them only on the side where the angle of the earbuds can go in your ear. It is designed that way for a reason. The tube has its own isolation so that it doesn’t contaminate any sound from your body. The bell and diaphragm is located on the other end of the stethoscope. Now bell and diaphragm have each their own sides. The reason for this is because each of them pick up different frequencies and that way you can use both of them depending on the situation. The diaphragm side picks up high frequencies and the bell side picks up lower frequencies. You can switch from one to another easily by just twisting the tube.

stethoscope-how-it-worksStethoscope has many applications for which it can be used. Doctors doesn’t use them just for listening hearts, for example it can be used on your neck. This is used when checking you blood vessels. Stethoscope can tell if your blood vessel is getting narrowed and if it is, then doctors can take certain measures. Also it can be used on a belly. This way the doctor can tell bowel movements, if there is a diarrhea, or even if there is no bowel movement the doctors can tell if there is obstruction in your bowels that is causing problems with regular bowel movement. Also it can be used on your chest and checking your lungs if they work properly. It can check if there is fluid buildup in your lungs, or if there are small cracks in your lungs, and also doctor can hear narrowing of the airways.

Most doctors today use mechanical stethoscope, but today there is a modern electrical version which is in many ways much better. It doesn’t have bell and diaphragm on each side. You can simply select which one you want to use by pushing the button. Also you can increase volume of the sound you are hearing.

But most doctors rarely use the bell. Usually cardiologists use it. Most doctors usually rely on just diaphragm. Stethoscope is primary and basic tool of any doctor and now you know how it works.