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--- I suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Since my exposure to organophosphate pesticide (Dursban) this is what happens when I'm exposed to a wiff of perfume:

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I have lots of medical records for the doubters and de-bunkers. in 1993, the chief of immunology at UNC said "you have MCS." we had never heard of that before. another doc, my neurologist, has eliminated all neurological illnesses EXCEPT toxic ?? whatcha callit? poisoning. (he told my family doc he suspects pesticide caused my problems....I don’t know if this is on the record.)

He referred me to Duke occupational & environmental docs. they have , ahem ahem , AHEM!     declined to book an appointment. They saw me 5 years ago, said I had formaldehyde allergy and don’t come back.

If you feel you need to have a grenade to lob at the chemical companies, you are welcome to my medical records, my photos, letters from family & friends.

My MRI pictures shows 6 lesions last year, then 9 lesions, so doc says "progressive" illness. Super peripheral neuropathy (which neurologist says rules out most forms of Multiple Sclerosis.) vertigo was tested at Duke, that test says "vertigo caused by central nervous system damage." we needed to know that - I had broken both my ankles 2 months apart from falling falling falling.

I have to stop here, I’m getting that "bug zapper" in my forehead that says seizure is coming, I have to get somewhere safe and hang on tight. one last thing -, - - - - - - - - - - - - - -OOPS room going somewhere without me, or like a swinging bridge, bye.