A Report on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) The Interagency Workgroup on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
August 24, 1998
Predecisional Draft
Original copy available at the Gov. WebSite
Executive Summary
I. Background and Historical Review
Introduction and History
Government Interest
II. Epidemiologic Considerations
Prevalence Studies
Descriptive Epidemiologic Studies
Summary Comments on Epidemiology
III. Theories of Causation and Mechanisms
Immune Mechanisms
Neurologic Mechanisms Including Altered Sense of Smell
Psychological Mechanisms
Other Syndromes
Clinical Ecology Approach
Summary of Mechanisms
IV. Potential Tools for Future Research Studies
Use of Biomarkers in Studying MCS
Environmental Control Units
Survey Instruments
V. Public Health Issues in Medical Evaluation and Care of MCS Patients
Medical Evaluation
VI. Organizational Statements Relating to MCS
VII. Key Panels, Workshops, and Reports: Recommendations
NRC Workshop on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, 1991
AOEC Workshop on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 1991
Report on Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology, 1992
ATSDR Expert Panel on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 1993
Chemicals and Neurobiologic Sensitivity, 1994
California Department of Health Services, 1994
NIEHS, MCS: Controlled Exposure Studies, 1995
EOHSI/NIEHS Conference, 1996
DHHS Report to Congress, 1998
VIII. Federal Actions
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Department of Defense
Department of Energy
Department of Veterans Affairs
National Center for Environmental Health, CDC
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, CDC
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Summary of Federal Actions
IX. Findings and Recommendations
MCS as a Public Health Priority
X. References
XI. Abbreviations
XII. Annex of Research Suggested by Expert Reviewers
XIII. Workgroup Members
XIV. Workgroup Staff Members, Editorial Support, Consultation
List of Tables
  1. Proposed Definitions for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) since 1985
  2. Elements Common to Proposed Definitions for MCS since 1985
  3. Selected Legal and Government Actions Relating to MCS, 1979-1996
  4. Commonly Reported MCS Symptoms
  5. Recommendations from Selected Meetings about MCS