Cotton/Charcoal Insert Mask

In most cases the charcoal filter will reduce or eliminate odors. The mask contours to the face, covering the mouth and nose. Mask are available in cotton and silk; other fabrics are available on request. Filters are available in cotton, silk, coconut charcoal, wood charcoal, bituminous charcoal or lignite charcoal.

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100% Cotton mask with charcoal filter (coconut shell). The mask contours to the face with a soft metal nosepiece enclosed in the cotton for a comfortable fit over the nose. The contour shape allows easier breathing and talking. The elastic is 100% cotton covered - ties available upon request only and extra.

Allergic to cotton? Try a silk mask instead. Special requests considered.

Charcoal a problem? I have wood and bituminous charcoal upon request or I can make the mask with extra cotton or silk filters instead of the charcoal.

New junior size (No nosepiece & Adult small [same price] ,
Adult extra large [extra} available upon request.
Cotton Mask only

Cotton with charcoal filter

Cotton with cotton filter

Silk mask only


2 Layer Cotton Filter

Organic Cottom

Silk with charcoal filter

Silk with silk filters

Replacement charcoaI filters

Extra large cotton with filter

Extra large silk with filter

Extra large replacement

Linen mask & linen filters




$22. 00

$  2.00

$  2.00

$  3.00 extra








Ecological Masks Continued Coconut Charcoals an activated carbon derived from natural grain coconut shell. It is used for normal applications and is excellent for general chemical and odor removal.

Wood Charcoals derived from natural hardwoods. Used as an alternative media for those individuals with sensitivities to coconut charcoal. Excellent for general chemical and odor removal.

Lignite Charcoal and Bituminous Charcoal Charcoal are activated coal based carbons used by individuals with severe chemical sensitivities. Excellent for general chemical and odor removal.

Customized masks are available on request and are priced according to time and material. Masks can not be returned.

Care of Mask

Charcoal is dusty by nature -- washing is essential to help keep dust out of the mask, so it is recommended to wash the mask and fabric filters after each use. Do not wash charcoal filter. 

No product is safe for everyone. If you are unsure, sanples of materials are available for $2.00 ( which covers shipping).


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