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You're not alone.

Today you can get information  about MCS, SBS, GWS, and other injuries and illnesses related to chemicals.

This page is about MCS List Groups on the Internet. My description of a List Group is a family on the Internet. Basically this is a mail box that you can send a message to and it is forwarded to all of the List Members. MCS List groups vary in size from a few members to 500 and more.

The following are groups that are oriented to Chemical Injuries, MCS and Immune illness. Go to the following pages for more information. Follow the instructions exactly and enjoy. Remember you do not have to be alone.

MCS-CI Chemical Injuries and MCS. This list group is Not Working at this time. 

MCS-CI-exile New list group intended to be a meeting place for members of the MCS-CI List. New members are welcome. This may be temporary or a permanent. Guidelines are very much like the Original MCS-CI List Group which is Un-Moderated, no personal attacks on other members


Awareness2000 A small list group for the purpose of sharing ideas about MCS awareness and Awareness of other health problems including CFIDS/ME, Fibromaylgia, GWS etc. 

CHEMICAL-ILLNET Chemical Injuries and MCS.

Immune Mailing List   chronic fatigue syndrome, candida, lupus, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, multiple allergies, environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, etc.,

NCChem Net is a closed list for members of the North Carolina Chemical Injury Network  (NCCIN) and support members. It is not intended for Doctors, Lawyers, Researchers etc. unless injured or have a chemically related illness.  Your identity is considered private and protected on this list.

To join the NCCIN Membership send e-mail to NCChem Net
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