Myths and Facts about Herpes

gential-herpesMost people don’t know much about herpes; Herpes virus is profoundly contagious. Once inside your body, it is virtually impossible for the virus to be eradicated. Anybody can be a victim of this virus. In this article, we look at myths and facts about herpes.


  • Oral Herpes is contagious. The HSV 1 virus is highly contagious and can be passed by any skin to skin contact.
  • A healthy immune system helps reduce outbreaks.
  • Herpes Virus is common.


  • Cold sores only appear on your lips. They can occur on the nose, nostrils, cheek or chin and even on the roof of your mouth.
  • Cold sores and Canker sores are the same. Again not so. Canker sores are not caused by the herpes virus.
  • By the time the blisters appear you aren’t contagious.

Not so long ago, a myth holds that the virus cannot be contracted through other means other than sexual intercourse. That theory was already invalidated, meaning that HSV virus can be transferred to another person by non-sexual means. A recent study shows that herpes virus could be transmitted with the help of perfect mediums.

hpv-factsDue to the extremely sensitive nature of this virus, it is very easy for it to die in the outside world. A simple temperature drop and drying up of moisture is enough to kill this virus. Outside of the body, HSV virus cannot survive long enough to be transferred to another body. In this connection, how is the transmission of herpes, especially genital herpes other than sexual act possible? The answer is simple.

Since herpes sores can be possibly found in other parts of the body, it carries with it ample amount of virus, enough to infect other people. Simply touching the infected part or herpes sore is enough for the virus to transfer. All it needs is an abrasion in the skin for the virus to enter freely and for symptoms to start showing.

Another instance in acquiring this virus is when you chanced upon a public comfort room and the one who used before you is an infected person, his/her warm urine is a perfect medium for HSV virus to live a little longer. Unfortunately there isn’t any proven cures at this time.

Prevention patterns vary from person to person. Many diagnosed persons having herpes have sex without practicing any preventive measures at all yet the infection did not spread to their partner, and there were those that even though how precautious they are, they still infected their partners. This is not due to luck, but it has something to do with the activity of the virus at that certain point in time.