When you look for reliable information about health problems caused by exposure to chemicals and the environment articles are available.  If they have been Published they are ęcopyrited and (as much as we would like to) we cannot reproduce them on our Web site.

Many articles are available from the American Environmental Health Foundation, P.O. Box 29874, Dallas, Tx 29874 or articles may be ordered by calling 1-800-428-2343

for information call 1-241-361-9515

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Below are a list of articles available. Articles in blue are online --- just follow the link and learn. 

Published Articles on Environmental Medicine

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l. "Compilation of DL Lawrence Plumlee's on Candida"

2. "Ecological Illness: The Experience" (Bell)

3. "The Inner Tube" (Randolph)

4. "Maladaptation to the Environment" (Randolph)

5. "The Realities of Food Addiction I, II, III" (Randolph)

6. "Restoration of Immunological Competence of Candida Albicans" (Truss)

7. "The Role of Candida Albicans in Human Illness" (Truss)

8. "Tissue Injury Induced by Candida Albicans" (Truss)

9. "Air Pollution Analysis Used in Operating an Environmental Control Unit" (Rea, Edgar, and Fenyves)

10. "Cardiovascular Disease Triggered by Foods and Chemicals" (Rea and Suits)

11. "Chemical Sensitivity and the Environment" (Rea and Mitchell)

12. "Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Pesticides in Environmentally Sensitive Patients" (Rea, Laseter, DeLeon, and Butles)

13. "Diagnosing Food and Chemical Susceptibility" (Rea)

14. "Elimination of Oral Food Challenge Reaction by Injection of Food Extracts" (Rea, Podell, Williams, Fenyves, Sprague, and Johnson)

15. "The Environmental Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease" (Rea)

16. "The Environmental Aspects of Ear, Nose, and Throat Disease, Part I" (Rea)

17. "The Environmental Aspects of Ear, Nose and Throat Disease, Part II" (Rea)

18. "Environmentally Triggered Cardiac Disease" (Rea)

19. "EnvironmentallyTriggered Disorders" (Rea)

20. "Environmentally Triggered Large-vessel Vasculitis" (Rea, Bell, and Smiley)

21. "Environmentally Triggered Small-vessel Vasculitis" (Rea)

22. "Environmentally Triggered Thrombophlebitis" (Rea)

23. "Fasting and Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Multicenter Study" (Rea, Kroker, Stroud, Marshall, Bullock, Carroll, Greenberg, Randolph, and Smiley)

24. "Food and Chemical Susceptibility After Environmental Chemical Exposure" (Rea, Bell, Suits, and Smiley)

25. "Food Challenge Effects on Fasted Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A Multicenter Study" (Rea, Bell, Suits, and Smiley)

26. "Inter-Relationships Between the Environment and Premenstrual Syndrome" (Rea)

27. "Magnesium Deficiency in Patients with Chemical Sensitivity" (Rea, Johnson, Smiley, Maynard, and Dawkins-Brown)

28. "Mechanisms of Environmental Vascular Triggering" (Rea and Brown)

29. "Parotiditis Sicca: Management of Environmentally Triggered Allergic Disease" (Rea)

30. "Pesticide and Brain-Function Changes in a Controlled Environment" (Rea, Butler, Laseter, and DeLeon)

31. "Psychological Components of Environmental Illness: Factor Analysis of Changes During Treatment" (Rea, Bertschler, Butler, Lawlis, and Johnson)

32. "Recurrent Environmentally Triggered Thrombophlebitis: A Five-Year Follow-up" (Rea, Peters, Smiley, Edgar, Greenberg, and Ervin)

33. "Relationship of Food and Chemical Sensitivities to Acute Respiratory Failure" (Rea)

34. "Review of Cardiovascular Disease in Allergy" (Rea)

35. "T and B Lymphocyte Parameters in Chemically Sensitive Patients and Controls" (Rea, Johnson, Youdim, Fenyves, and Samadi)

36. "Chemical Hypersensitivity and the Allergic Response" (Rea)

37. "Toxic Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons in Chemically-Sensitive Patients" (Rea, Pan, Laseter, Johnson, and Fenyves)

38. "T and B Lymphocytes in Chemically-Sensitive Patients with Toxic Volatile Hydrocarbons from Humans" (Rea, Pan, Johnson, and Fenyves)

39. "Clearing of Toxic Volatile Hydrocarbons from Humans" (Rea, Pan, and Johnson)

40. "Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Solvents in Chemically-Sensitive Patients" (Rea, Pan, and Johnson)

41. "Evidence for Vitamin Deficiencies in Environmentally-Sensitive Patients" (Rea, Ross, Johnson, Maynard, and Carlisle)

42. "Chemical Sensitivity in Physicians" (Rea, Ross, Johnson, Smiley, and Fenyves)

43. "Confirmation of Chemical Sensitivity by Means of Double-Blind Inhalant Challenge of Toxic Volatile Chemicals" (Rea, Ross, Johnson, Smiley, Sprague, Fenyves, and Samadi)

44. "Formaldehyde Sensitivity" (Rea, Pan, Johnson, and Fenyves)

45. "Food and Chemicals as Environmental Incitants" (Rea and Ross)

46. "Treatment of Environmentally-Sensitive Patients with Transfer Factor—Part I: Immunologic Studies" (Rea, Youdin, and Liang)

47. "Treatment of Environmentally-Sensitive Patients with Transfer Factor—Part II: Clinical Studies and Immunological Correlates" (Rea and Youdin)

48. "Treatment of Environmentally-Sensitive Patients with Transfer Factor—Part III: Case Studies on Three Patients" (Rea, Youdin, and Liang)

49. "Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity" (Rea, Pan, Fenyves, Sujisawa, Samadi, and Ross)

50. "Cardiovascular Disease in Response to Chemicals and Foods" (Rea and Brown)

51. "Effects of Pesticides on the Immune System" (Rea and Brown)

52. "Food Sensitivity: The Kidney and Bladder" (D. Sandberg)

53. "Preliminary Observation on the Airborne Mycofloral Component within North Dallas, Texas, Metropolitan Area" (Rea, Kuehn, and Johnson)

54. "Evaluation of the Autonomic Nervous System Response by Pupillographical Study in the Chemically Sensitive Patient" (Rea, Shirakawa, Ishikawa, and Johnson)

55. "Considerations for the Diagnosis of Chemical Sensitivity" (Rea, Johnson, Ross, Butler, Fenyves, Griffiths, and Laseter)

56. "The Environmental Aspects of the Post Polio Syndrome" (Rea, Johnson, Fenyves, and Butler)

57. "Formaldehyde Sensitivity in China" (Pan)

58. "Study on the Critical Reference Value from the Regression Equations Between Chlorinated Pesticides and Immune Parameters" (Rea, Liang, and Fenyves)

59. "Toluene Sensitivity as Part of the Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome—Case Report" (Rea, Livingston, and Sanjar)

60. "The Environmental Aspects of Chemical Sensitivity" (Rea)

61. "Mitogenic effects of mycotoxins on T4 Iymphocytes" (Griffiths, Rea, Johnson, and Ross) *

62. "Treatment Options in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" (Ross) *

63. "History and Clinical Presentation of the Chemically Sensitive Patient" (Ross) *

64. "Advocacy, bias, and the herd instinct in medicine" -viewpoint (Ross) *

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