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We have a Right to Know --- But where is this Right to Know? At most places of employment your Right To Know is in a filing cabinet or a notebook. You have a Right to Know but you have to search through the MSDS sheets on your own. Then the information provided may be minimum at best and hard to understand. Most of us don't know what to look for and your doctor (with a waiting room full) doesn't have time to read or research the vast numbers of chemicals you work with.

The Responsibility for the content of the MSDS Sheets is in the hands of the Chemical Manufacturer. Use of the chemical depends on the its ability to do the job intended and safe use of the chemical. If its considered hazardous, its use will be more limited and this will affect sales.

Chemicals are evaluated and selected in part because of the way the MSDS sheet reads and the protection required for its use. But is the employee really protected.

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