I want to share Stephanie's story
Especially those that have been with us from the beginning.

Stephanie played basketball this year. She is 13 and is in 7th grade. All of the girls on the team had to agree not to wear perfume. They did.

All of the girls on the opposing teams had to agree not to wear perfume. They did. All of the officials were fragrance free as well.

I think that is just wonderful, But here I am a very proud mother. Stephanie’s team went undefeated in the season. 1st PLACE!!!!! And if they were not already good enough, They went undefeated in the tournament. What a wonderful record. Stephanie’s team picture was in the paper this week. The local paper has been made aware of the kids generosity. The paper has contacted the school, I have been told.

The school has said that they were too busy right now and would get back with them. In the news paper again. Well the public school is a very beloved school. Let’s really give them something to talk about to the news paper. Let’s see how many letters we can generate to the school.

I think that Stephanie’s team, Thomas Jefferson Blazers, are the Champions in more ways then on the court. I think that they have set the example for others to aspire to.

Here is a chance once again to some how say thanks to Stephanie’s team mates who made it possible for Stephanie to just be one of the players.

I will forward any letters to the basketball team if you would like to

respond to me. at mo_access@yahoo.com

Her school’s address is
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
1201 Fairgrounds Road
Jefferson City, Mo. 65109

She is on a team at school called M&M’s.

They have agreed to be fragrance free for Stephanie. They had a poster contest where they went out on the Internet and read about MCS. They then made posters to remind every one not to wear fragrances.

Stephanie also rides a fragrance free school bus to school.

Isn’t it a wonderful story? If you can please send them your support. In snail mail or in Email. Please get every one you can to send these kids and their teacher A big thank you. I would like to see a story about all of the worldwide recognition these kids are receiving. They are setting an example for all to follow. THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!


Anyone may respont to Becky York. She is the counselor at Stephanie's school.

Her e-mail address is:

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