June 1, 1998
George Shingleton - Editor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(919)361-2112   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The group meets at 7:00pm every Thursday at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 1610 E. Hwy. 54, Research Triangle Park. We have a speaker once a month, usually the first Thursday; the other weekly meetings each month are informal discussions among members.

Allergy Tips & Tricks
To make a home-made air cleaner for a room, duct tape a 20” X 20” high-quality pleated media furnace filter (for example, the Filtrete brand, available at local hardware stores, runs about $14) to the front of a 20 X 20”” box fan. Such filters can reduce or remove mold, pollen, dust, and other allergens. The filters are usually rated at three months, but will often last four, and don’t need to be replaced until dirty.

In the News

On May 8 United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman said he will not allow food products made from genetically modified crops or treated with irradiation to be labeled organic.; crops grown in bio-solids or sludge will not be allowed to carry the organic label.

Volunteer Opportunities

Someone to go their local public library once a week and check that ads for the group are appearing in local publications as they are supposed to.

Someone to contribute toward an $80 air cleaner to use at our meetings that cleans all allergens, including chemicals, but doesn’t put out ozone -- ozone bothers some members.

Allergy Product Companies (Call for catalogs)

Assorted Allergy Products
Allergy Free (800-ALLERGY)
Allergy Relief Shop (615-522-2795)
Allergy Resource (800-USE- FLAX))
Allergy Resources (800-485-2700)
Allergy Store (800-824-7163)
Baubiologie “Healthful” Hardware (602)445-8225
Bio-Tech Health Systems (800-621-5545)
Foust Co. (800-225-9549)
NEEDS (800-634-1380)
Nigra Enterprises (818-889-6877)
Ounce of Prevention (303-770-8808)
Priorities (800-553-5398)

Products that are Chemical-Free or for the Chemically Sensitive
A.F.M. (619-781-6860)
Auro Organics (916-753-3104)
Ecoshop (317-84-WORLD)
Environmentally Safe Products (800-428-2343)
Karen’s Nontoxic Products (800-527-3674)
Heart of Vermont(802-763-2720)
Nontoxic Environments (800-789-4348)
Teressentials (301-371-7333)

Cotton (clothes, bedding, furnishings, etc)
Cotton Place (214-243-4149)
Environmental Health Shoppes (800-447-1100)
Janice Corp. (800-JANICE’S)
KB Cotton Pillows (214-223-7193)

General Healthcare
Self-Care (800-345-3371)

Home Analysis -- Mold, Dust, etc.
John Hopkins Univ. Laboratory for DACI (800-344-3224)(done with your physician/allergist)

Home Furnishings(wood/cotton)
Heart of Vermont(800-639-4123)

Labwork--Pesticide Levels in Tissue
Enviro-Health Systems (800-558-0069)
Pacific Toxicology (800-32TOXIC)

Nontoxic Cleaning Products
Homecare Catalog (419-1223)
Earthwise Products (213-011-8108)
Real Goods (800-762-7325)
Seventh Generation (800-456-1177)

Nutritional Supplements
CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Health Resource (800-366-6056)
Ecological Formulas (800-888-4585)
Emerson Ecologics(800-240-9912)
Nutricology (800-545-9960)
Vital Live (800-533-7255)
Vitamin Shoppe (800-223-1216)

Ozone Air Cleaners
Quantum (401-732-6770)

Whole-House Air Cleaner. & Dehumidifier Thermastor (800-533-7533)

Zeolite (absorbs odors, slows food spoilage)
Dasun Co.(800-433-8929)


If anyone has suggestions for potential speakers, the direction or format of the group, submissions for the newsletter, or if there are things that you really do or do not enjoy about the meetings, please let me know.