The Symptoms of Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy are associated with nerve damage that can translate to nerve problems all over the body, including the feet. Neuropathy in feet is a particularly nasty condition that can leave the sufferer in agony, or lead to amputation. Also, neuropathy in feet can be caused by nerve damage that results from disease and conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, alcoholism, and Lyme disease.

Neuropathy doesn’t just entail physical challenges to sufferers; the pain that it causes is chronic in nature and doesn’t just come and pass in episodes. When individuals have to deal with this kind of consistent, unrelenting pain on a daily basis, it’s bound to have detrimental effects on their quality of life. Social relationships and their manner of interacting with others all change, leading to an adverse turn in their physical and mental well-being.

Neuropathy sufferers are prone to depression or anxiety which only adds to their discomfort and dissatisfaction with their quality of life. Any modes of personal fulfillment, careers, relationships, hobbies and sports are put on hold as sufferers can only deal with their symptoms and try to get by them day by day. With the absence of any creative outlets, their quality of life is bound to spiral down.

Individuals suffering from neuropathy feel isolated due to an absence of social interaction. The inability to sleep properly because of the nagging, relentless pain affects their energy levels. They keep wondering why their condition is not improving and they become even more disheartened thinking that their life with probably remains like this for the rest of their lives.

Common Symptoms of Neuropathy in Feet
The most common symptoms of foot neuropathy are tingling feet, numb feet, and foot pain that can radiate up the foot and into the legs. The tingling and numbness are caused by the misfiring of the damaged nerves in the feet and the peripheral nervous system.

Advanced Symptoms of Neuropathy
As the disease progresses, the symptoms will become steadily worse. The pain will become sharper, and the tingling sensations will become more like electrical shocks. Also, some sufferers will experience a burning sensation in their feet. These symptoms can be relieved using topical creams, but most people find pain relief when using therapies, such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

Severe Symptoms of Neuropathy
The longer the condition is present, the worse the symptoms. As the nerve damage becomes more severe, the sufferer will begin to notice that the pain is unbearable, or that the numbness has spread and become more pronounced. This numbness can be dangerous because the lack of sensation in the feet can lead to loss of balance. Once the condition has been detected, topical neuropathy creams, acupuncture, and massage therapy may no longer be effective neuropathy treatments, but you may find success using nerve support formula, which is an herbal supplement that can help improve nerve function.

Neuropathy in feet is a potentially dangerous condition that has many treatments, but no cure. Visit your physicianoften to learn about the newest and most efficient neuropathy treatments available. Keeping ahead of the neuropathy treatment game will help you find pain relief despite the severity of your neuropathy.