The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

worst-foods-for-teethA healthy smile goes a long way in getting what you want done. Besides that, it’s pretty comfortable to walk around and smile knowing no one will raise their eyebrows upon staring at your teeth. So do you want to keep your teeth as white as they are now? Read on to know some of the worst foods for your teeth.

There are two groups of foods that do not have mercy on your teeth; sugary and acidic foods. Both work in almost a similar manner. If you continuously munch food with plenty of sugar or acid, be sure your teeth will start to wear off as the bacteria works on them. Without further ado, let’s discuss in detail some of these sugary and acidic foods that you need to avoid (or eat less.)

1. Candy and sweets
Yeah, we both know how our moms would buy us the whole pack so we can get the house chores done in anticipation that another pack would drop by soon. Lucky you if you still got impeccable “choppers”. There are two types of candy and sweets that should not linger around you; the hard and sticky ones. These food items will stick on your teeth and invite harmful bacteria that can eat your teeth away.

2. Lemons
As said before, acidic foods have the capability to corrode your teeth. Lemons have citric acid which is fairly a strong acid and when coupled with other unhealthy mouth conditions, your enamel will deteriorate faster than you can imagine. Try to dilute the lemon juice first before you drink it.

3. Alcoholic drinks
Sorry alcohol aficionados but your drink is not cut out as a healthy one in the dental faculty. It may help you in many other ways but at the expense of your dental hygiene. Booze dehydrates the mouth thereby inhibiting production of saliva that helps to clean your teeth. Some medicines to have this impact. You should take plenty of water if quitting alcohol is not for you.

4. Starchy foods
bad-foodWe are back to sugary foods again. Bread, potatoes, rice and other starchy foods are detrimental to your pearl white teeth. If particles of these foods remain stuck between your teeth, bacteria will relish on them eventually burrowing holes in your teeth as they follow their prey. Try to brush your teeth or swirl some water in your mouth after eating starchy foods.

5. Carbonated sodas
“Yikes! That’s me,” I hear you say. It goes without saying that carbonated drinks are filled with both sugar and acid. These two substances are very unfriendly to your enamel. They will erode it every time you sip on them. So, whenever you use energy, fruit, and sports drinks, take plenty of water to drain the acids away.

Now that you know the worst foods for your teeth, make it a point to control how often you take them and remember to brush your teeth always.