TOXIC DECEPTION, the must-read book by investigative reporters Dan Fagin and Marianne Lavelle, is subtitled, "How the chemical industry manipulates science, bends the law, and endangers yourhealth." (Available from Carol Publishing Group in Secaucus, N.J.: phone: (201) 866-0490; ISBN No. 1-55972-385-8; and see REHW #553.)

The book delivers on the promise in its subtitle: it tells --and documents --a chilling story of corporate manipulation of science, government (at all levels), the media, and public opinion. It paints a picture of the modern corporation out of control. Here we will focus on only one aspect of corporate power: the way science is used and abused so that corporations can continue to sell dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals to consumers who are kept clueless.

Chapter 3, "Science for Sale,"
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