Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report    

Americans say corporations should have the burden of proving chemicals are safe. They believe most chemicals are already tested for safety, and that the government is protecting them against harmful chemicals. But what is the true story? Correspondent Bill Moyers and producer Sherry Jones uncover how public health and safety have been put at risk and why powerful forces don’t want the truth to be known. This investigative report is based on a massive archive of secret industry documents as shocking as the tobacco papers. In the 50 years of the chemical revolution, more than 75,000 chemicals have been released into the environment. What happens as humans’ bodies absorb them? And how can people protect themselves?  Moyers and Jones won the Peabody Award for their last collaboration on WASHINGTON’S OTHER SCANDAL.

Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report 

Secret documents from the chemical industry reveal how the health and safety of Americans may have been jeopardized

July 30 9:00pm WUNC-TV Channel 4, Chapel Hill, NC

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