Tweetie Bird
was protected from Putty Tat
by his cage.
MCS victims are being held hostage by the chemicals in our environment and the
failure of the medical profession to diagnose
and treat our illness.
Chemicals are our
Putty Tat and our Cage offers little

Why compare Chemically Injured to a Canary?

Canaries have been used in coal mines because it was highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of toxic fumes. If the canary died this warned the miners to the fact that there was dangerous fumes in the coal mine and the miners should get out QUICK.

But were the Chemically Injured born Canaries. That answer is an absolute NO! If we were born Canary we would have been sick as babies.

It is now being suggested that genes are altered and we were in fact created Canary not by our parents -- but by the Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides.

We are Canaries -- Not by choice of course -- But we are Canaries. The tragedy is that our Children and Grand Children may inherit these mutated Genes and they may also be born Canary.

Though our genes may have been altered, We Are Still Human.

Chemically Injured Held Hostage
Where is our future?

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