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North Carolina Chemical Injury Network is Organizing membership groups  across the state of North Carolina with the common bond of being chemically or Environmentally Injured. 
Our Goal is to provide support (a point of contact) with others that are chemically Injured, to provide names of Doctors that will accept the Chemically Injured as their patients rather than a controversial subject.

We need you or your local support Group with us.

We ask for no more than
Appropriate Medical Diagnosis And Treatment.


Hundreds, possibly thousands of people in North Carolina Suffer from Chemical Sensitivity or Sick Building Syndrome caused by chemicals at work or in their environment.
But when they try to get medical help they find they are held hostage.  Thousands of Insurance dollars are spent trying to prove that the patient has something other than chemical Sensitivity or Tight Building Syndrome.

At least 2 Respected Doctors have referred to MCS patients as being "Held Hostage.
Many Chemically Injured will see at least 10 doctors before they get a diagnosis and treatment.  Then their Insurance will refuse to pay for medical care.  We believe that our Doctors should diagnose our Illness quickly or refer us to a doctor that can provide the Diagnosis.

North Carolina Chemical Injury History

There are many Chemically Injured that haven't received Newspaper or TV coverage.  Most of us have to fight the battle alone. We have heard of a Group that was started in 1987 but we have no additional information on this group or organization.

There was another effort to get another to include us as members and provide information and support to chemically injured. We were not kicked out of this organization but Our Voice was in fact excluded in the organizations agenda.

We share 2 stories with you:
In 1987, a group of people traveled to Raleigh to talk to the NC Governor about the Caldwell incinerator in Hudson, NC.  This Group of Employees and residents were ignored.  In 1991, ABC Prime time live reported on the Incident.  A Doctor admitted on Prime Time Live that he Ignored the Chemically Injured Patients.

1994, A group of 6 employees in a Moore County Office building became sick.  They sought Medical Help from a number of Doctors including one of the largest teaching hospitals in the state.  After they finally got a diagnosis they could not get medical insurance or Workers Compensation to pay their medical expenses. < Sick Buildings PART 1 Feb 26, 1996 Without Graphics.>

We are in fact held hostage
and ask we be freed by

North Carolina Chemical Injury Support

One of the reasons for NCchemNetOnline, is to gather information about Sick Building Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

If you choose to Provide information we will use it (without your name) to help us and others better understand Chemical Injuries in North Carolina.

North Carolina Chemical Injury Net is a membership organization with members from most areas of the state. There are no paid employees.

Because of the overwhelming need for support and information among those suffering from chemically related health problems, there is no set membership fee for Chemically Injured. Your yearly donation is appreciated.

There may be someone near you with personal information about Doctors or Attorneys and other information they can share with you. Some of out members are quite sick and may or may not be able to talk for a long time when you call. Remember, each member is a volunteer our funds are limited and we can not accept collect calls.

We would you like to be a part of our Support Group. Your active commitment will be as little or as much as you choose. Any Information Submitted will be held in Confidence.

There is no firm membership fee at this time. This may change when we have a newsletter. e-mail your -- Name -- Address -- e-mail address. Is there a support group in your area or will you be an independent member?

Mail your name and address to:

6442 Hwy 42
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207
Fayetteville, NC
Siler City NC
High Point NC
Durham, NC
Canton, NC
Lumberton, NC
Charlotte NC
Morganton, NC
Marion, NC

Ideas or suggestions contact

All Information submitted will be in confidence.
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